Wisdom Teeth Facts

How much do you know about your wisdom teeth Oviedo? Take a look at these wisdom teeth facts that you may not be aware of.

The Scar of Human Evolution

The brains of early humans that started growing at a rapid pace over 800,000 years ago led to the changes in the shape of the braincase as well as its position relative to the rows of teeth. As a result, there was no longer enough room for the wisdom teeth Oviedo. Since the genes that control brain development evolve separately from the genes that influence the makeup of the teeth, we’re stuck with the consequences of a crowded mouth.

They’ve Been Out of Business for Hundreds of Thousands of Years

In case you’re wondering, the humble third molars were very useful to the prehistoric men and women whose diet consisted of raw meat, leaves, and roots. However, the modern man finds no use for his wisdom teeth Oviedo because he now has a more refined palate and prefers foods that are made softer and easy on the teeth.

The Number of Wisdom Teeth Isn’t the Same for Everyone

Did you know that it’s possible for a person to have none, only one, two, three, four or in rare cases, 8 wisdom teeth Oviedo? An individual’s lineage and jaw size are among the factors that determine the number of wisdom teeth Oviedo.

They Have Other Names

Koreans call them ‘Love Teeth’ because these third molars show up around the time that they experience their first love. The Japanese call them ‘Unknown to Parents’ because they come in when most people have already moved out of their parent’s homes.

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