What is a Malocclusion and How Should It Be Treated?

Malocclusion is the misalignment or improper relationship between the lower and upper arch of the teeth. It is common that almost every individual experiences this dental condition either in one or some degree. The improper alignment of the teeth is said to be the cause of genetic factors coupled with poor dental habits. Moreso, moderate and excessive malocclusion normally entails treatment by an orthodontist Orlando.

The Basics of Malocclusion

How Should It Be Treated?

Malocclusion is normally addressed by dental braces. The orthodontist Orlando will take the bite impression of your entire mouth, perform visual examinations, and take panoramic x-rays before choosing the ideal course of dental treatment. If it is apparently due to overcrowding of your teeth, the orthodontist will have to extract one or two of your teeth to create enough space. However, in case the malocclusion is due to an overbite, crossbite, or underbite, there are various ways to address this dental issue. An orthodontist Orlando may result in fixed multi-bracket braces so there can be a constant basis in adjusting your teeth into its proper alignment. Additionally, removable devices may be used to correct a malocclusion. Examples of these devices are palate expanders, headgear, and retainers. Retainers are commonly used to hold your teeth in place to achieve a correct alignment.

Why Malocclusion Should Be Treated

One of the reasons why malocclusion should be treated is that the severity of this dental condition can cause skeletal tension in the lower face. In a more recent case, an orthodontist Orlando said that treatment of malocclusion reduces the risk of temporomandibular jaw syndrome (TMJ). Extreme malocclusion conditions can result in excessive pressure that will give rise to a number of facial pains and headaches.

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