What are the Causes and Treatments for Malocclusions?

The root word of malocclusion is occlusion, which means “bite.” It is known for many types such as overbite, crossbite, underbite, and overbite. Hence, the best orthodontist Orlando will tell you that malocclusion is a dental condition when mismatched jaws and teeth cause a patient to have a bad bit. The results of this condition may lead to sleep disorders, severe headaches, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (shortly known as TMJ), gum problems, and protruding, crowded, or crooked teeth. If you have malocclusion, it may affect your ability to eat, talk, and can create a displeasing appearance.

Treatments of Malocclusion


Before delving on the available treatments, you should first know the reasons that lead to the development of this dental condition. According to your orthodontist, malocclusion is usually present at birth. The visible indicators are cleft palate, irregular mouth or jaw size, or a gap between the teeth. Additionally, it can be acquired and developed through poor dental habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. Medical conditions and premature loss of teeth are also contributory factors to the development of this dental condition.


Malocclusion is often treated by an orthodontist who has expertise in correcting this kind of dental concern. In the United States, roughly 4 million individuals have braces, and approximately 800,000 of which are adults. Hence, the most common solution of malocclusion is braces. Another dental treatment for malocclusion is Invisalign or clear aligners. It is a more up-to-date solution that functions like braces but is nearly invisible and is less bothersome because it does not include wires.

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