UCF Dentist

Here at Everest Dental, we understand that keeping track of your oral health can be a challenge for those who are keeping up with their college classes, and so we are here to make sure our local students are getting the dental care they need. Your local UCF dentist is here to provide the best treatment possible in a comfortable setting that is in a convenient location for our local UCF students.

Many parents worry about their children’s health when they go off to college, and so we are dedicated to easing that stress so you can be confident that your new students are getting the proper dental care. We even offer different payment options for those without insurance or other coverage. Our job is to help you maintain your oral  health through this new and exciting time.

Why see a local UCF Dentist?

  • Regular cleanings
  • Maintained gum health
  • Convenient location
  • Special treatments
  • Coverage

If you are looking for a local UCF dentist, don’t hesitate to call Everest Dental. We are here to make sure you are getting the care you need in a comfortable setting with affordable treatments.