How to Keep Your Teeth Clean and Healthy Before Visiting a Dentist

Everybody knows that the only way for us to keep our teeth and gums healthy for the rest of our lives is to develop excellent habits for dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene leads to a host of health problems that you’d want to steer clear from. Your UCF dentist will tell you that the habits listed below are critical in the prevention of diseases both in your mouth and your body.

Have Your Teeth Straightened

Did you know that unusually placed teeth are more prone to plaque buildup because they’re more difficult to clean? On the other hand, straight and properly-aligned teeth are more resistant to the formation of plaque and are more self-cleaning compared to teeth that are twisted or crowded.

Know How to Brush with the Right Technique

As you grip your toothbrush as you would a pencil, start by gently brushing your teeth in small, circular motions. Remember to avoid using too much pressure so that you won’t scrub away your tooth’s protective enamel.

Floss Daily

Brushing is great, but it’s never enough. You’ll need to floss at least once every single day. Your UCF dentist will tell you that if you’re only brushing but not flossing, only half the job gets done because the insides of your teeth are constantly exposed to the risk of decay and cavities.

Get Your Teeth Checked and Professionally Cleaned

Bacteria and plaque continue to build up for as you live because you have to eat. Brushing and flossing are awesome daily habits to keep your teeth clean but having your pearly whites checked and professionally cleaned by your UCF dentist on a regular basis will give you added protection.

Choose the Right UCF Dentist

Choosing a UCF dentist is extremely important because he/she can make a tremendous impact on your overall health and well-being. If you want to see the best one in the area, book an appointment with Everest Dental today.


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