Teeth Whitening Myth Debunked

Aside from having straight teeth, many people also dream of having white teeth. All thanks to technology and thorough research, at-home teeth whitening, and professional whitening kits are rapidly growing in the market. However, are you sure that these products are safe to use? Are you even equipped with knowledge on what to look for in choosing the perfect teeth whitening Oviedo kit for you? So that you know, there are various dental myths out there. From lemons to baking soda, you must know a few facts before trying out an individual tooth whitening agent.

Top Teeth Whitening Myths

Baking Soda, Lemons, and Strawberries

While it is an undeniable fact that lemons and strawberries are the commonly used teeth whitening agents, these fruits still contain acids. Thus, it is essential to be careful in using these fruits since it can destroy your teeth’s enamel. Constant use of strawberries and lemons to whiten your teeth increases the risk of damaging your teeth permanently. More so, few people only know that baking soda can do more bad than good. Baking soda is only useful in removing surface stains. It won’t do you any good when it comes to teeth whitening since it creates excessive scrubbing, which can injuriously affect your teeth.

Whitening Gel, Toothpaste, and Gum

Since there are tons of whitening products in the market, choosing the most potent whitening agent is not the best way to determine whether it’s useful or not. While it can speed up the whitening process, the effect does not last long. Teeth whitening must be able to whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity or pain. Hence, you must choose products with lower concentrations.

Whitened Teeth Lasts Forever

The collective knowledge that once your teeth are whitened, it will remain white forever is a myth. Although your whitening is somewhat permanent, your teeth’s aging process continues. Your teeth continuously turn yellow as time goes by. This is precisely the reason why regular visits to the dentist are required. Periodic touch-ups are needed so you can keep your teeth white forever.

Keep Smile Healthy and White with Teeth Whitening Oviedo

Your smile is one of the things people often notice. See to it that you keep it healthy and white by consulting our dentists before using any teeth whitening products.


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