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March 26, 2019

What Are the Basics of Dental Care?

Do you need to brush up on basic dental care? You’ll probably agree that maintaining great oral health is extremely...

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December 26, 2018

What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Do you have sensitive teeth? If so, you may be a candidate for wisdom teeth removal. If left untreated, it...

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December 17, 2018

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Treatments

You should feel beautiful and confident with the smile you’re in! That’s why we are your experts to get you...

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December 5, 2018

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Did you know that your smile is your most valuable accessory? The best way to get a clear, confident smile...

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November 15, 2016

To Floss Or To Not Floss

To Floss or not to Floss? I am sure by now that almost everyone has come across the article featuring...

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October 28, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Written by: Melissa Estime, 2016 – Today I cleaned our autoclave; a medical equipment that’s used to sterilize tools and...

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