Types of Dental Sedation

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you feel uncomfortable and scared? For people who are afraid of the dentist because of the pain inflicted during dental procedures, sedation dentistry Oviedo will take the fear and anxiety away. Sedation is used in various types of dental procedures, especially those which involve invasive methods. However, it can also be used in non-invasive and straightforward procedures like tooth cleaning. No matter what the case will be, sedation is used depending on the severity of the patient’s anxiety and fear.

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Inhalation Sedation

Commonly known as the “Laughing Gas,” inhalation sedation is the frequently used sedation method. To begin the process, your dentist will place a small inhaler mask over your nose to administer the fusion of nitrous oxide and oxygen. The combination allows you to relax while being aware of the dental procedure warmly.

Oral Sedation

Unlike inhalation sedation, this type of dental sedation depends on the total dose given. To give you a minimal dose of sedation, you will be advised to take a pill an hour before the procedure begins. Although you are still aware of the process, you will feel a little bit of drowsiness. For moderate sedation, you will feel drowsy and unsteady enough to fall asleep during your dental treatment. However, you can easily be awakened once the procedure is done or the sedation has worn out.

Intravenous Dental Sedation

If you feel severe anxiety, intravenous dental sedation will be administered into your bloodstream to allow you to relax with ease fully. Same with other types of sedation within the scope of sedation dentistry, you will be given a local anesthetic. The anesthesia will take effect in just a few seconds and will be monitored for comfort and safety. Additionally, you should bring along with you a responsible member of your family or a friend during your visit to the dentist because this type of dental sedation does not easily wear off.

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