Types of Orthodontic Treatments for Underbites

Do your child’s lower teeth protrude out farther than the upper teeth? Underbites are common among children. The common causes of underbites include genetics and bad oral habits such as thumb-sucking, extended use of pacifiers, and constantly pushing the tongue against the teeth. Although this problem can be corrected by surgery, it’s important to consult with an Oviedo orthodontist first to see if a surgical procedure can be prevented. Depending on the severity of the underbite, various orthodontic treatments that will correct the imbalance of your child’s upper to lower jaw. Here are some of them:

“Reverse-Pull” Face Mask

This looks like a headgear since this appliance wraps around the child’s head. The upper jaw is pulled back into position with metal bands that are fastened to the upper back teeth.

Upper Jaw Expander

The upper jaw expander is a simple wire-frame device that’s placed across your child’s palate. It comes with a special key that’s used to widen the jaw expander a very small amount each night. The goal of this process is to widen the upper jaw until the underbite disappears. In most cases, upper jaw expanders are worn for about a year before retainers hold the teeth in place.


When any of these appliances won’t do the trick, the Oviedo orthodontist will recommend for your child to use braces. These involve the use of brackets that are bonded directly to the tooth. Furthermore, these brackets hold the wires in place as they move the teeth to their proper positions. Your Oviedo orthodontist will include rubber ties that keep these wires positioned to the brackets, spacers or separators that create spaces between your child’s teeth, and rubber bands that are attached to the brackets of both the upper and lower teeth.

Talk to an Oviedo Orthodontist

Since underbites require early treatment, it’s extremely important to visit an Oviedo orthodontist as soon as it is suspected. Contact Everest Dental to schedule your child’s consultation today.


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