Family & Pediatric Dentistry

By the age of three, most children have 20 primary teeth. Even though these teeth start developing before children are born, they do not appear until several months of age. These primary teeth will start to fall out around the age of five, but they are still susceptible to decay until that time.  

The Importance of a Pediatric Dentist

During childhood, the dentist will inspect the baby teeth for cavities and signs of decay. They will also ensure the teeth are erupting normally. As the child grows, dental visits should continue at least twice per year.

It is important to make the first dental visit an exciting experience for young child. Parents should speak with their child about what to expect and answer any questions a child may have. A child should get their first exam at the age of one or at the time the first baby tooth appears in their mouths, whichever is earlier. It is wise to bring the child with you when you come in, so they can experience it before they are the one sitting in the chair.

How to Maintain Dental Care for Children

At-home dental care is as important as visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Before the teeth erupt in a child’s mouth, the gums should be gently washed each day. Brushing twice a day should begin as soon as the teeth break through the gum. The teeth may initially be cleansed using water, rather than toothpaste.

As the child gets older, you can begin using children’s toothpaste as recommended by the child’s dental provider.

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