Why You Need to See Your Dentist Regularly

A visit to the Oviedo Dentist isn’t what most people look forward to but it’s one of the most important ones that we need to keep. Cost, time, dental anxiety — folks have different reasons for skipping their dental checkup. Please remember that your Oviedo Dentist is your partner in achieving and maintaining your overall oral health. If you want your teeth and gums to stay in tiptop shape, you’ll need to see your Oviedo Dentist on a regular basis.

You’ll Keep Your Teeth Cavity-Free

Even if you’re one of the most diligent brushers and flossers in the world, there’s no guarantee that you won’t fall victim to tooth decay and cavities. Plaque can still build up until it turns into tartar which will cause permanent damage to your teeth. Before you know it, tiny holes will be formed in your teeth. The only way to keep avoid this is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your Oviedo Dentist every six months.

Early Signs of Oral Cancer will be Detected

Did you know that current and former tobacco users are more prone to developing oral cancer? Visiting your Oviedo Dentist on a regular basis can help detect its early signs so that treatment can be given.

You’ll Steer Clear from Gingivitis and Gum Disease

If you notice blood in the sink after you brush, don’t pretend that it’s normal because it could be an early sign of gum disease. In case you’re not aware, the presence of plaque and tartar can eventually erode your mouth’s gum tissues when an infection called gingivitis develops where the gum is connected to your tooth. If left untreated, you might lose your tooth. Common symptoms of gum disease include swelling, bleeding, and soreness in your mouth. The good news is, regular dental checkups will help catch gum issues before it’s too late.

Cosmetic Issues Will be Resolved

It would take a cosmetic Oviedo Dentist to correct bite issues, the spacing of your teeth, discoloration, and stains. You may think that you can ignore these, but the truth is, they could seriously affect your oral health.

See an Oviedo Dentist ASAP!

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