Signs You Need to See a Dentist for a Root Canal

If a particular tooth is constantly bothering you and giving you a considerable degree of chronic pain and discomfort around it, then you probably need to ask your Oviedo dentist if you need a root canal treatment. The reason behind your misery could be inflammation or an infection which may not be that obvious until the pain sets in and becomes unbearable. Take a look at the top signs you need a root canal treatment.

You Experience Prolonged Tooth Sensitivity

Occasional tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food could be normal. However, if it the sensitivity lingers long after the hot or cold items are removed, you most likely have an infection in the pulp or the soft tissue inside your tooth.

Tenderness When You Chew or Touch Your Tooth

The discomfort that you experience when you eat or touch the affected tooth may indicate the earlier symptoms of an infection in the pulp which may be gone for a while before it reappears when the infection has already reached the root.

Tooth Discoloration

When the tooth in question darkens or turns grey, chances are, you have a root canal infection.

Loose Tooth

If a tooth loses some form of support, it becomes loose. This means that the infection or abscess has destabilized it as the pulp recedes.

Pain and Swelling of Gums

Regardless if the swelling is extreme or otherwise, when the infection has spread to the root, the swelling lasts longer and will be localized to that particular tooth.

Your Oviedo Dentist Can Help You Fix Your Dental Problems

If you notice any of the mentioned signs, you’ll need to have your teeth checked by an Oviedo dentist from Everest Dental to help you fix this problem. If you need more information about root canal treatment, feel free to ring us up to schedule your appointment!


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