New Patient

Everest Dental


At Everest Dental we are committed to the safety of our patients and staff below is a list of practices performed in this office to ensure your safety:

  1. All clinicians in face masks, gloves, and clinical attire.
  2. Office air filtered & purified using UV light purification between patients.
  3. Operatory surfaces & fixed equipment high level disinfected after each patient.
  4. All instruments heat-pressure sterilized.
  5. All staff members will be checked daily for any signs of infections including daily monitoring of temperature.
  6. NEW PROCEDURE— Patients are required to use masks when coming to the office. Upon arrival, patients are required to fill out a health questionnaire. Patient temperatures are recorded, and patients are required to wait in their car after being checked in to prevent gatherings in the lobby.
  7. Patients will be required to rinse with antimicrobial mouthwash for 1 minute prior to dental procedures to minimize the risk of infection in saliva.
  8. All patient forms are available on our website for download so they don’t have to fill it out in the lobby.
  9. Commonly touched surfaces (door handles, light switches, toilet handles, water faucet controls, pens, clipboards, arms of chairs, etc.) high level disinfected throughout the practice day.
  10. Our dental treatment water is specially monitored to make sure it is pure.