Invisalign Proper Care and Cleaning Tips

Invisalign Oviedo offers tons of advantageous effects. One of which is allowing you to take your aligners with you anywhere you go. Since you use it daily, it can quickly get dirty. Thus, cleaning your aligners is an essential part of the treatment because everything will go to waste if proper care is not taken. Without meticulous attention or cleaning, your aligners can easily smell, discolor, or build-up bacteria and plaque that will, later on, erode your tooth’s enamel. Below are the proper care and cleaning tips you need to do after getting your Invisalign aligners.

How to Take Care of Your Invisalign?

Morning Care

While you were sleeping, a lot of bacteria build up on your Invisalign. Thus, before you sleep and every time you wake up in the morning, you should never forget to remove and thoroughly clean your aligners. To avoid plaque and dry saliva build-up, see to it that you rinse your aligners every time you take it out to prevent an environment for growing bacteria. You can also use an anti-bacterial soap or use toothpaste to clean your aligners thoroughly.

Don’ts in Cleaning Your Invisalign

Foods with an unpleasant smell and colored drinks should be avoided. The reason for this is that foods with unpleasant smell tend to stick in your mouth, and colored drinks promote discoloration either on your teeth or aligners. Also, toothpaste can be great for your teeth. However, rigid and hard brushing can harm your aligners and tooth enamel. More so, do not use colored or scented soap to clean your aligners. Anything with a strong scent and colored soap can cause a stain.

Traveling with Invisalign

Depending on the length of your trip, going with Invisalign requires that you carry a set of aligners. To be prepared, never store your aligners in your check-in luggage. See to it that you place it in your carry-on baggage, so you have it with you in case your check-in baggage got delayed or lost.

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