How Can I Stop My Gums From Bleeding?

Bleeding gums are one of the most common indications of gum disease. It acts as a sign of concern that something has to change in your dental health routine. Upsettingly, according to a UCF dentist, new data show that a lot of individuals are willing to overlook this kind of dental condition. Little do they know that frequent bleeding gums even if not excessive can result in a lot of dental and health issues. Below are the ways to stop bleeding gums.

Prevent Bleeding Gums Through These Acts

Fluoride Mouthwash

According to a UCF dentist, fluoride mouthwash is beneficial for your dental health as it aids to clean your mouth from debris. Likewise, it helps thwart plaque build-up on the surface of your teeth, in-between teeth, and on your gums. On top of all these, the use of fluoride mouthwash can also freshen your breath by doing away of bacteria linked to bad breath. It is essential that when considering a mouthwash, you need to choose a toothpaste with fluoride to promote extra protection the entire day.

Interdental Floss or Brushes

Aside from using a fluoride mouthwash, you can also include interdental floss or brushes in your dental health routine. The reason for this is that a toothbrush cannot reach some areas of your teeth like interdental floss and brushes can. It is essential to reach the areas in between your teeth which a regular brush does not have access.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

In every health aspect, whether it concerns dental or overall health, a healthy diet and lifestyle will greatly affect your gums. Excessive drinking and smoking will more likely develop bad breath, yellow teeth, and other dental disorders such as gum disease.

Visit the UCF Dentist

Even if you’re one of the most diligent brushers and flossers in the world, there’s no guarantee that you won’t fall victim to tooth decay and cavities. Plaque can still build up until it turns into tartar which will cause permanent damage to your teeth. Before you know it, tiny holes will be formed in your teeth. The only way to keep avoid this is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your UCF dentist every six months. Contact us today for more inquiries!


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