How to Know if Dental Implants are for You

We all know how missing teeth can deeply affect our self-confidence because of how it can change our faces. If you’re thinking about replacing your missing teeth, you’ve probably thought about getting Florida Dental Implants. These dental prosthetics have titanium base roots that are surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone.

A Perfect Candidate for Dental Implants

Although Florida Dental Implants seem like the perfect solution to a permanently gorgeous smile, you’ll need to know if these are a perfect fit for you. Your dentist has to have an idea about your overall health condition. He has to inspect your teeth, gums, and jawbone before he can come to a conclusion. Then they will decide on whether you’ll make a great candidate for Dental Implants.

The Health of Your Jawbone

As mentioned, your dentist has to closely examine your jawbone to make sure that it has enough mass to support and bond with the implant. Imaging of your jaw will most likely be necessary to obtain a complete picture of the basis for moving forward on the procedure itself.

Your Overall Health Condition

Did you know that your general health condition could either make or break your Florida Dental Implants? Aside from this, he would also need to check if the effectiveness of the anesthesia for post-operative healing will be greatly affected because of your current medications.

Your Habits

Smoking definitely increases the risk of dental implant failure because the nicotine in smoke, as well as in chewing tobacco, reduce your blood flow which can lead to a slower process of healing from oral surgery. When this happens, the implants can fall out or become loose.

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