How to Deal With the Anxiety of Seeing a Dentist

If you have fears and anxieties about seeing your dentist Orlando, you’re not alone. In fact, according to research, almost 75% of the American adult population feel a certain amount of fear when it comes to visiting a dentist Orlando. Of this percentage, 5 to 10 individuals experience intense fear that can be considered as dentophobia.

How Can I Get Over Dentophobia?

These common dental fears and anxiety are usually caused by the fear of needles and the thought of gum injections, the patient’s embarrassment about their bad teeth, the fear of being sedated as well as the fear of pain. In most cases, these fears are rooted in bad experiences in the past. If this problem is not dealt with, the person may avoid their dentist Orlando and put their dental and overall health at risk. Here are some ways to help you deal with dental anxiety.

Use Breathing Exercises

Everybody knows that when you breathe properly, your anxiety slowly goes away as your stress is relieved. In case you’re not aware, doing these breathing exercises causes the person’s parasympathetic nervous system. When this happens, it signals the brain to release certain hormones that can soothe your dental anxiety.

Talk to Your Dentist Orlando

Perhaps the most important thing you could do when it comes to dealing with dental anxiety is to learn to communicate well with your dentist Orlando about it. You won’t believe how a pleasant conversation with a dental professional can do to answer every question you may have about various dental treatments. If you happen to be looking for a dentist Orlando, look no further than Everest Dental, you can expect to receive the highest level of dental care that you deserve. Contact us today to set up your consultation.


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