Dental Veneers vs. Lumineers

Veneers are a universal cosmetic dentistry solution that will profoundly improve the appearance of your smile. If you’re one of those who always have discoloration, gaps, chips, or a crack in their tooth, getting dental veneers Oviedo is one of your options. Thanks to the latest materials and technologies, Everest Dental can help you get that perfect smile with exceptional veneers.

Are Lumineers Better Than Veneers?


Traditional veneers need to undergo some reshaping and removal process. To get that natural look that’s not overly irregular or bulky, your dentist will remove your veneers for about 5 millimeters from the surface of your tooth. During this process, your tooth is left unprotected since the enamel is removed. It remains as such until the veneers are applied. It is made of composite resin or porcelain material and needs significant preparation before an application may be had. To complete the entire dental veneer process, you will have to take at least two visits to the dentist.


Lumineers are another type of veneer. It is a high-quality veneer manufactured by DenMat Holdings and used by limited dentists. While a lot of dentists perform veneer procedures, not all of them are trained to provide you with the significant advantages brought by Lumineers. Thence, you’ll have to get the services of a Certified Lumineers Dentist. Another reason why Lumineers are unique is that it’s made of Cerinate porcelain, which makes it extremely strong and durable. It covers the gaps between your teeth while giving you a natural look and comfortable feel.

Similarities Between Veneers and Lumineers

Both aim to enhance the appearance of misaligned or crooked teeth, as well as hide chipped or crooked teeth. It fixes your teeth to create a brighter and whiter smile.

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