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Florida Dental Implants

At Everest Dental we place and restore dental implants. Dr. Gayed is a member of the world’s top dental implantology organizations, the Academy of Osseointergration, and the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants.


Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. They look, function and feel
like natural teeth and have been proven to last for many years. Our teeth are made of two parts. The part you see is called a crown and it is covered with enamel, the part you don’t see inside the bone is called a root. The roots is what holds the tooth in place. A dental implant is an
artificial tooth root that is usually made of titanium. It is surgically anchored into your bone to hold a restoration. This restoration can be a replacement tooth (crown), a fixed bridge, or an overdenture. The benefit of using dental implants is that they don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support like a regular (tooth supported) bridge. They are also easier to clean and floss around than bridges.

The most common dental implant material is titanium. It is dcompatible with your body
tissues and is similar to those materials used in orthopedic knee and hip implant surgery. Titanium is integrated into the bone and permanently anchors the implant.

During the initial consultation x-rays are taken to be sure that adequate bone, spacing and gum tissue are available for the implant. In some cases different kinds of x-rays might be necessary. The procedure itself is painless and quick but enough time has to be given for proper healing. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits ensure the long term health of your dental implants.

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