Dental Care and You: Secrets to a Speedy Root Canal Recovery Period

Congratulations on finally deciding to do something about your tooth with a deep cavity which is no longer treatable. Getting the right dental care Oviedo by having a root canal procedure is definitely important. If your procedure is scheduled soon, you’re probably wondering how long it will take before you get to feel like yourself again. However, the road to complete root canal recovery will be possible within a brief relaxation period as long as you apply the following tips:

Manage the Pain and Swelling

The key is to manage how you treat your own mouth. There will be some degree of pain and swelling but with careful planning, you can reduce this by using an ice pack, or by elevating your head with pillows when you sleep at night because doing so will prevent irritation.

Carefully Plan Your Meals

Prepare your food ahead of time and if possible, try to stick to those that won’t require a lot of chewing yet offers you the proper nutrition that you need. Some examples include smoothies, mashed potatoes, and more.

Avoid Smoking

Patients who smoke or vape must avoid doing so for the next few days following your root canal procedure. When foreign products and chemicals interfere in your mouth, your healing process will take a longer time.

Don’t Exercise for a Few Days

Regular exercise is a must – except for those who just had any kind of surgery. Exercising too soon can cause bleeding and pain. It’s extremely important to ask you’re your dental care Oviedo provider how long they think you’ll benefit from staying off exercising. However, as soon as you get back on your feet, remember to choose exercise routines that are designed for those who are recovering from surgery.

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