Avoidable Consequences of Poor Dental Care

To say that maintaining proper dental care Oviedo is an important health requirement is definitely an understatement. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the fact that the state of one’s teeth and gums can make a huge impact on an individual’s overall health. People tend to forget that the primary gateway for bacteria to enter into the human body is through the mouth. In other words, once the bacteria from the mouth go into the bloodstream and reach the other parts of the body, diseases would most likely develop. Here are some of them:

Heart Disease and Stroke

Those who have untreated gum disease can eventually develop heart disease because the bacteria from the gums can clog up their arteries. What’s more, the bacteria may also block the blood vessels to the brain which increases the person’s risk of suffering stroke.

Lung Issues

When the bacteria from severe gum disease is transported to the lungs via the bloodstream, it puts the person at a greater risk of developing chronic pneumonia or acute bronchitis.


Are you aware that more than 95% of the American population that are diagnosed with diabetes also suffer gum disease or tooth loss? This is so because a diabetic is prone to contract certain infections due to the fact that his ability to control his levels of blood sugar is impaired.


There’s a link between gum disease and cancer. Studies show that the likelihood of men who have gum disease to be diagnosed with pancreatic or kidney cancer is increased by 50%. This same group is also more likely to develop cancer within the blood.

Be Serious About Maintaining Good Dental Care Oviedo

The consequences of poor dental care Oviedo can be avoided if people make it a point to take care of their teeth and gums. Get started by calling Everest Dental to set up an appointment!


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