Composite Fillings & Bonding

Composite Fillings/Bonding

A composite filling is a tooth colored, bonded restoration that is used to repair affected
areas due to decay, cracks or fractures. Because composite fillings are tooth colored,
they can be matched to your existing teeth making it very difficult to tell which teeth
have fillings. Composite fillings are very durable, but are not permanent, so they will
need to be replaced especially on front teeth due to the place and characteristics of the
filling itself. Sometimes, a more permanent restoration like a crown or a veneer might be
a better treatment option for those areas.

Composite fillings can be used to treat chipped, worn, cracked, broken and decayed teeth
or to close space between two teeth. It takes one appointment to do composite fillings.
After anesthesia has taken affect, the doctor will remove any decay and prepare the tooth
for the filling. The area is cleaned and prepared for the new composite filling. After the
filling is placed and shaped, the filling is light cured. The composite is polished and
checked to ensure restoration to the original shape and function. Good oral hygiene and
regular dental visits are important to maintain composite fillings.

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