A bridge is a non-removable, fixed dental appliance that is used to replace missing teeth. A bridge consists of two crowns that go over the two anchoring teeth and attached to an artificial tooth that fills in where the tooth is missing. The anchoring teeth need to durable and has to be able to withstand the artificial tooth.

A bridge is normally used to replace missing teeth, but it can also be used to maintain facial shape, prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position, restore chewing and speaking ability, upgrade from a partial, or restore your smile.

A bridge normally requires two appointments. If an extraction is needed or if the bridge includes several teeth, it could be more appointments. On the first appointment, two impressions are taken. One will be used to make a temporary bridge that will stay in place until the permanent bridge is ready and the other is sent to the lab to make your permanent bridge.

Once the patient is numb, the doctor will remove any decay and reduce the anchoring teeth and shape it to fit the bridge. When the doctor has taken his final impression, the temporary bridge is fitted and cemented with temporary cement. If an extraction is performed, the next appointment will be in approximately four weeks to allow time for the extraction site to heal.

It takes approximately two weeks for the permanent bridge to return from the lab. At the second appointment, the temporary bridge is removed and excess cement is cleaned. The permanent bridge is placed and the doctor ensures that the spacing and bite are accurate. The permanent bridge is cemented in with permanent cement. It is very important to have regular dental visits to maintain the new bridge.

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