What You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

Aside from getting your killer smile into shape, deciding to get Braces Oviedo is also a big step towards improving your dental health. If this is your first time to seek orthodontic care, you may have a lot of questions about what you must need to do before your orthodontist applies your Braces Oviedo. To calm your jangled nerves before you sit on that orthodontic chair when the big day comes, check this out:

Have Your Teeth Cleaned

Make sure you’ll get your teeth professionally cleaned by your family dentist a few days before getting your new braces. It’s important for your pearly whites to be free from plaque before your Braces Oviedo appointment so that the whole process of the actual application won’t take a long time to complete. If you fail to have your teeth sufficiently cleaned, a polishing paste that will get the job done will have to be applied by your orthodontist before the braces can be cemented properly to your teeth.

Know What Type of Braces

It’s best if you learned about the type of braces you’re going to get and how they’ll affect your teeth. Although braces utilize elastic bands and wires that attach the braces together to facilitate teeth alignment, they differ in types:

  • Metal bands wrapped around teeth
  • Brackets that are bonded to the back of teeth
  • Brackets that are bonded to the front of teeth

The orthodontist will determine the type of braces that would best suit your dental needs. However, you can still choose to use clear bands to make your braces less noticeable.

Expect to Feel Mild Discomfort

The new braces may cause some sores to develop in your mouth and your teeth may become sensitive. You’ll be advised to stick to a soft diet in the few days following the application. Your orthodontist may even instruct you to take over-the-counter pain medication as needed.

Where to Get Braces Oviedo

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