Braces That Are Invisible from The Outside

Today, dental treatments are very diverse and advance than you remember. While metal braces Oviedo are still commonly used, there are now various options to get straighter teeth. One of the many options is lingual braces. These are braces that are attached at the back of your teeth, instead of placing it in front. With lingual braces, it is as if you’re not wearing any braces.

Lingual Braces Are Practically Invisible

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are akin to the traditional braces in such a way that wires and brackets are installed behind your teeth to straighten it. However, the difference is that lingual braces are practically invisible since it is placed behind the teeth facing the tongue. For this reason, lingual braces became one of the most discreet solutions for individuals who don’t want to wear traditional braces.

How Are They Placed?

Before placing the brackets onto your teeth, it is first customized to fit your mouth. It is then installed to each of your teeth to correct the misalignments adequately. Similarly, the wires are customized so they can correctly connect each bracket. Having the right fit is essential when it comes to installing these braces since the wires and brackets are a bit challenging to attach. The backs of each tooth are hard to reach, and there is limited space for your dentist to work. In the case of traditional braces, a standardized bracket is used and placed individually. In contrast, all brackets of lingual braces are cemented at the back of your teeth using a custom-made tray to keep them in place.

Are Lingual Braces Comfortable?

Just like other types of braces, lingual braces have an adjustment period. It may take a week or two before your tongue can adjust to the space taken by the wires and brackets. However, there are fully customized braces that are designed to be smaller and smoother than regular braces, adjusting last for only a week.

Start Smiling Now with Lingual Braces Oviedo

Whether you are a teenager who worries about getting teased as a nerd or an adult who has a job where appearance is essential, invisible braces are the best solutions. Contact Everest Dental to know whether you’re a right candidate for lingual braces.


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