Braces Myths You Should Never Believe

Do you know what’s stopping you from achieving an attractive smile? It’s when you believe in rumors and myths about braces Oviedo. What happens when you believe in myths?  You end up delaying or dismissing the idea of getting orthodontic treatment all because of baseless speculations. We’re here to dispel these myths so you can tell fact from fiction. Debunking these myths may be the only way to convince you to set an appointment with your orthodontist

Braces are Only for Kids

Do you know that over four million American adults are wearing braces? Unfortunately, society thinks that braces are only for teenagers. Well, that’s where they are wrong because adults can wear braces too! If your parents couldn’t afford to send you to an orthodontist when you were young, now that you have a job, you can fund your own orthodontic treatment. If you feel uncomfortable wearing metal braces you can opt for Invisalign.

Braces Will Make Your Teeth Straight Forever

As much as we’d like to believe this to be true, unfortunately, it is a myth. Once your braces come off your orthodontist will require you to wear a retainer to keep your teeth straight. If you don’t wear this for the recommended time frame your teeth will go back to being crooked. It is important that you follow your orthodontist’s advice religiously to achieve a long-lasting beautiful smile.

You’ll Be in Pain When You’re Wearing Braces

We’re not going to lie to you, you will feel a bit of discomfort as a result of the gentle pressure applied to move your teeth but you won’t be in pain. Modern orthodontic wires and brackets are specially designed to offer comfort.

Looking for Braces Oviedo?

Don’t believe in braces Oviedo myths. Get your facts straight because if you don’t do your research you won’t be able to achieve the smile of your dreams. At Everest Dental, our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care possible to every single patient at every visit. We take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities to give you the best possible professional dental care. Call us today to learn more or visit our website to read about our services.


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