What is Malocclusion of the Teeth and How Braces Can Help

A Malocclusion is a condition where a deflection from the standard placement of the tooth to another tooth is in the same arch. In simpler terms, it means having a poor bite or crooked teeth. To have a healthy bite implies that your lower teeth are slightly behind the upper teeth. However, there are only a few people who have a perfect bite. Hence, if you want to have an ideal bite, you can choose braces Orlando to fix your crooked teeth.

Everything You Need to Know About Malocclusion

Causes of Malocclusion of The Teeth

This condition is hereditary, which means that it can be passed down through families. Aside from genetics, there are also other causes in which an individual can have a malocclusion. It may be due to tumors of the jaw and mouth, misalignment of jaw fractures, and wrongly placed retainers, crowns, and fillings. It can even be the cause of previous ill-fitted braces.

Additionally, an abnormally-shaped, impacted, lost, or the extra tooth may be the cause of malocclusion. If you allow your child to use his or her bottle beyond age five, use a pacifier beyond age three, and do thumb sucking beyond age two, he or she may develop malocclusion. Thus, you must pay attention to your child’s habit and visit a family dentist regularly to avoid dental issues in the future.

Different Types of Malocclusion

Malocclusion of the teeth comprises different types. Below are some of the various types:

  • Open Bite – This often occurs when your front and lower teeth do not overlap
  • Hypodontia – Commonly known as missing teeth, it is usually the result of improperly developed teeth
  • Impacted Tooth – This is a case where your tooth fails to erupt through your gums properly. Braces and removable of the tooth are some of the possible treatments for an impacted tooth.
  • Diastema – It is a space between your teeth and occurs typically at the front

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