How to Take Great Care of Your Braces

It doesn’t matter if you wear metal, lingual or ceramic braces Orlando – you’ll need to know how to take good care of them if you want them to work the way they should. As we all know, getting braces Orlando is one of the most effective ways to achieve a confidently beautiful smile. By applying pressure to your crooked teeth, they effectively move them to their correct positions within a certain period of time.

Brush & Floss Them the Right Way

Keep them clean by brushing after every meal because it’s much easier for food particles to get trapped in the brackets. To clean hard-to-reach areas, use a soft, round-bristled toothbrush. Start brushing at the gum line at a 45-degree angle towards the gums. Next, hold the toothbrush at a downward angle on top of the brackets before you brush at an upward angle to clean the brackets’ bottom parts. Floss gently using floss threaders or interdental brushes.

Stay On a Tooth-Friendly Diet

Protect your tooth enamel by eating food with low acidity. These include milk, bananas, eggs, and seafood. Skip foods that are hard, chewy, crunchy, or sticky to avoid causing damage to your brackets. As much as you can, try not eating sugary foods and drinks to prevent tooth decay. And stop biting those fingernails or chewing pen lids!

Where to Get Braces Orlando

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