How to Tell If Your Kid Needs Braces

Have you been told that your child might need to get braces? Are you wondering whether your child needs braces at an early age? By now, you probably have tons of questions running through your brain, which is why you have got to read this post. Braces for kids Orlando are composed of various types. Different braces are used to treat different teeth – it may be Invisalign or just the traditional metal braces. Whatever it may be, you should know how to tell if your child needs braces.

At What Age Can Your Child Get Braces?

Ideal Age for Braces

Braces for kids can be done as soon as your child reaches the age of eight. Nonetheless, the perfect age may sometimes vary depending on a child’s teeth condition. There are instances when a child already has some permanent teeth at the age of seven while there are also times when a 14-year old still has no signs of permanent teeth.

When to Visit the Dentist

The common orthodontic problems like jaw growth issues, missing or extra tooth, protruding teeth, the gap between the teeth, and overcrowding may be genetically-acquired. Some misalignment of teeth may also develop due to poor nutrition, poor dental hygiene, and thumb sucking. Hence, if you see one or more of these signs, you must schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Early Treatment

For as long as you bring your child to the dentist at an early stage, he or she will experience minimal dental problems in the future. The first treatment can improve your child’s facial esthetics, lower the risks of growing impacted teeth, and it’ll reduce the chances of injury to noticeable teeth.

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