Why You Can’t Avoid an Orthodontist

All too often, people decide to forego seeing the best orthodontist Orlando because they think it’s time-consuming and not worth spending their money on. Little do they know that having crooked teeth is a problem that goes way beyond aesthetics. If you have crooked teeth, knowing the reasons why you should have them treated by the best orthodontist Orlando might just change your life. 

Undue Wear of Your Tooth Enamel

Having crowded bottom teeth leads to the protrusion of one or more teeth. When your protruded bottom teeth rub against your upper teeth, your tooth enamel gets worn down.

More Difficult to Clean

Crooked teeth have nooks and crannies between them that are difficult to clean when you’re brushing. Food particles that aren’t removed even after brushing will eventually lead to the growth of bacteria.

Predisposal to Gum Disease

Once the bacteria take residence in your crooked teeth, plaque begins to form. If left untreated, plaque causes the development of tartar until this escalates to gum disease.

A Higher Chance of Developing Bad Breath

In most cases, crooked teeth smell as bad as they look because lingering mouth bacteria can cause bad breath.

Negatively Impacts Your Self-Esteem

Having a straight and healthy smile will naturally cause a person to smile a lot. Studies show that smiling can improve your cognitive ability as it lowers your levels of stress. Conversely, people who have crooked teeth aren’t confident about their smiles and have the tendency to smile a lot less often. 

Increases the Risk for Serious Health Issues

Tooth decay and cavities caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar can potentially lead to oral infections that cause serious health problems such as stroke, heart disease, pneumonia, and diabetes.

See the Best Orthodontist Orlando ASAP!

You shouldn’t take your crooked teeth lightly. Schedule a consultation with the best orthodontist Orlando at Everest Dental and expect to experience the highest level of patient care.


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