How Fillings Affect Orthodontic Procedures

You may have visited the best Orthodontist Orlando for several sessions now. But have you ever considered an orthodontic treatment even though you underwent tooth filling or removal? If your answer is a definite ‘Yes,’ you should probably read through this blog post. In contrast to any general dental work, orthodontic work is a procedure that lasts only for a few days or weeks. However, both orthodontic and general dental practices share the same goal – to give you a well-functioning and beautiful smile.

How Dental Fillings React to Orthodontic Treatment

Braces Help Improve Your Oral Health

If you’re worried that you can’t get your braces done because of your dental filling, you need to stop worrying. Always bear in mind that you can get that straight and perfect smile despite having fillings from previous cavities. Orthodontic treatments can thwart future tooth decay and dental fillings. With straight teeth, you’ll be able to reach certain areas with a toothbrush, lessening the chances of having cavities and tooth decay in the future. Thus, orthodontic treatments only create sound effects on your fillings, instead of doing any harm to it.

Get Your Braces Done at an Earlier Age

For adults, your Orthodontist will first assess the condition of your mouth before determining whether it is viable to proceed with any orthodontic treatment. The materials used in your fillings do not affect the treatment. However, there are instances when you will be required spacers. It will only be necessary when you have bigger fillings since its purpose is only to give space for bands and brackets.

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