Why People Might Need Adult Braces

Life hasn’t always been fair – a blessed few have naturally white, straight teeth and dazzling smiles while the others struggle with unpleasant crooked teeth. Although some of those how have uneven teeth choose to ignore the issue, others decide to rectify it by getting adult braces Oviedo. Have you ever wondered why people’s teeth develop crookedly, end up out of place or take on a pronounced tilt? Here are some of the major factors that lead to this problem.

The Genes

If mom, dad, granny, and gramps have had histories of rotated canines, crooked teeth, crowding or bad bites, you’ll be automatically predisposed to these same struggles yourself. If your spouse has any of these issues, it’s more likely that your child will experience some of those problems as well.

The Environment

Did you know that allergens such as pollen, mold, and dust that make it especially difficult to breathe through the nose will influence the way your teeth are formed? The “mouth breathers’” teeth will eventually be pushed inward because of the repeated constriction and relaxation of the muscles around the mouth. Furthermore, this extra pressure will lead to the development of a narrow jaw, as well as, crowded and crooked teeth.

The Diet

If a person suffers from certain food allergies and sensitivities, his nasal lining may become inflamed or his sinuses become swollen when exposed to certain foods. This allergic reaction can lead to mouth breathing and other oral health complications.

The Habits

Leaning your face on your hand for hours, having your face pressed into a pillow when you sleep on your belly, and childhood habits such as thumb-sucking or the excessive use of pacifiers can dictate the shape of a person’s mouth.

Do You Need Adult Braces Oviedo?

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