Adult Braces and You: What are the Different Types of Crooked Teeth Issues?

Have you been living with crooked teeth for the most part of your life? If all you’ve been dreaming about is having perfectly straight and beautiful teeth, maybe it’s about time you consider getting adult braces Oviedo. They’re perfect for fixing these types of crooked teeth issues:


You have an overbite when your upper jaw clearly protrudes beyond your lower jaw, making your top teeth overlap your lower teeth. The probable causes of this problem could either be the alignment of your teeth or the complete structure of your jaw that’s off. Without treatment, overbites could lead to pain in your jaw, damage to your teeth, speech problems, and difficulty eating.


If you have an overbite in reverse wherein your bottom teeth are sticking out over your top teeth, this is called an underbite. This problem causes uneven wearing of teeth, tooth decay, and jaw pain. It’s best to treat this issue early on in an individual’s life.


When your upper jaw’s back teeth are biting the inside of your lower teeth, you have a complicated issue called a crossbite. This is a serious condition that requires immediate treatment, otherwise, you may suffer bone loss, gum disease or your teeth can wear down. This problem is caused by bad oral habits, genetics or sucking the thumb.

Do You Need to Get Adult Braces Oviedo?

If you’re experiencing any of these crooked teeth issues, consider getting orthodontic treatment from the best and most experienced dental professionals. For more information about adult braces Oviedo, contact Everest Dental today to set up an appointment.


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