6 Myths About Adult Braces

Are the rumors and myths around Adult Braces Oviedo causing you to be hesitant about getting orthodontic treatment? Before you buy into these, we want to set the record straight.


Common Myths About Adult Braces Oviedo


  1. They’re for kids.


Did you know that over 25% of those who have braces are adults? In other words, you can never get too old for braces. Braces can even relieve you of jaw pain, migraines, and clicking when you eat or speak. You’ll not only have that straight smile that you’ve always dreamed of, but you’ll also enjoy the health benefits that go with it.


  1. Traditional metal braces are your only option.


Some adults who prefer to have a more subtle-looking treatment option can choose to have clear braces and Invisalign. Clear braces are much like the traditional metal ones except that they’re less noticeable. Meanwhile, Invisalign is virtually invisible as they gradually align your teeth through a series of custom-made trays.


  1. You get permanent results.


Adult Braces Oviedo are still considered the best way to properly align your teeth. However, once the treatment period is over, if you fail to follow the care instructions that your orthodontist gave you, your teeth could shift back into their original positions.


  1. They’re only helpful for patients with crooked teeth.


Did you know that Adult Braces Oviedo can also be extremely helpful for patients who have missing teeth and jaw overbite or underbite?


  1. They interfere with metal detectors.


No, your Adult Braces Oviedo won’t set off the metal detectors at the airport. The kind of metal that’s used for them isn’t the same type of metal that the security is looking to detect.


  1. You’ll get stuck together if you kiss with braces.


Don’t worry, your Adult Braces Oviedo won’t interfere with romance. Contrary to what others may assume, you won’t get stuck mid-kiss because braces are not magnetic and they’re made of fine material.

Adult Braces Oviedo 

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